What You See First in This Hidden Optical Puzzle Will Determine Your Love Life

Take a quick look at this brain game and tell us what image you see first and we will tell you what it means. Be sure to tell us the truth!

Myrna Campbell
Created by Myrna Campbell
On Feb 15, 2017
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FIRST LOOK - BLURRED - The further back you go, the man in the moon is seen first

The moon dominates at first glance for most people - did you see the moon first?

A CLOSER LOOK - REVEAL - Now as you look much closer do you see the lovers?

By removing all the moon details our lovebirds are revealed - so sweet!

What Did You See First?

Calculating results

Okay Lovebirds So How Did You Do?

If you saw the LOVERS FIRST, you are a 100% pure romantic! You look for love in everything which is so wonderful. Your big warm heart overflows and allows you to see the good in everyone - making you one amazing catch for that extra special someone. Who do you love?

If you saw the MAN IN THE MOON FIRST, you are a a creative dreamer. You look for a deeper meaning in the world around you. You enjoy exploring and adventure and that's where you will find your true love waiting for you.

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