Hurry! Can You Help Us Find Little Pierrot Before He Drowns?

OMG! We are in so much trouble! We have lost our little brother and hope he hasn't drowned! Do you see him? Hurry! Can you please save him before he drowns?

Hurry! Help Us Find Little Pierrot - Did You Find Him?

We were just playing Marco Polo and then he just vanished! Please hurry so he doesn't drown!

Don't Give Up! Take a Closer Look

People are losing their minds over this new brain-boggling nautical optical illusion. Most people won't ever solve this watery mind puzzler. Can you solve it?


Please hurry! We don't have much time!

Look Again! He Was Here All Along! Silly Pierrot - He's Gonna Get It!

Not funny Pierrot, you had us scared half to death!

So Did You Find Little Pierrot?

Calculating results

So How Did You Do?

Did You Solve It? A standing ovation for you! Can you hear the applause? Bravo for finding our Little Pierrot before he drowned. You should be a Lifeguard with your keen vision and observation skills. Good for you!

Boasting Rights! Be sure to challenge your friends and see if they can save Little Pierrot too!

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