This Is The Hardest 'Emperor's New Groove' Quiz You'll Ever Take

Let's see if we can throw off your groove.

Created By MTV
On Dec 15, 2015
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What was the color of the toy baby Kuzco played with at the beginning of the movie?

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How many generations has Pacha's family lived on that hilltop?

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When looking at the levers to the secret lab, which lever drops you into water?

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What type of plant turns into the shape of a llama after Yzma pours the formula on it?

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Based on the height chart, how old is Tipo?

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When Kuzco stopped the movie to write on the screen, did he draw an X or O first?

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What was Kronk's waist measurement?

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Kronk found a golden-throated small-winged what in the jungle?

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What was the name of this restaurant?

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What pattern was on Kronk's pajamas?

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When the guards were turned into animals, which animal is NOT present?

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When Pacha tried to turn Kuzco back into a llama, what was the SECOND animal he turned him into?

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