Can You Match Carl's Hair To The 'Walking Dead' Episode?

Chandler Riggs' Carl has had quite a few memorable looks over the past six seasons. But can you remember when he sported each one?!

Created by MTV
On Mar 29, 2017
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Let's start simple: in which episode was Carl's hair like this?

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What about this?

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When was our impeccably coiffed Carl this serious?

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Which episode inspired this look of Carl introspection?

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Woah, Carl looks mad here. What episode made him feel this way?

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Well hello there, blurry hat-less Carl. When was dis?

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Which episode made Carl (and his hair) this sad?

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From which episode is this ~ iconic ~ Carl moment?

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When was this classic Carl crop?

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When did Carl rock this cute lil' bob?

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You can barely see Carl's hair here; he's clearly bummed about that. When was this moment of gazing into the infinite, hair-less abyss?

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Carl is literally getting his hair cut here. This rarely happens anymore, so it must've been a while back. When, though?

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