Are You A Shailene Or A Cara?

We know you love John Green... but when it comes to his leading ladies, you can only be one.

Created by MTV
On Mar 29, 2017

Let's start with an easy one: which of these would you rather?

What about these?

...Or these?

Do you use the Internet?

Where would you rather visit?

Who would you rather befriend?

Which would you rather put on your pits?

Which holiday would you rather celebrate?

Are you a "hugger?"

You're Cara!

You're Cara!

You're Cara! Clearly that means you're the ~ cool ~ girl, as well as a card-carrying "future jet-setters of America club" member. People like being around you because your juxtaposed likability and air of mystery makes THEM feel cooler just for being your friend. And feel proud of the fact that your Instagram account is probably really awesome.

You're Shailene!

You're Shailene!

You're Shailene! And hey man, there's nothing wrong with being the sweet girl-next-door type if said girl-next-door is also kind, genuine, intelligent, thoughtful, and insanely talented. You might eat dirt, but we'll forgive you for that.