Are You A Bucky Barnes Or A Winter Soldier?

Are you a pragmatic type of person or a pessimistic one? Also, how fabulous is your hair? Take our quiz to find out

Created By MTV
On Mar 29, 2017

Your first thought upon waking up is...

Are you a team-player or a lone wolf?

How goal oriented are you?

How comfortable are you with yourself?

Someone annoys you. What do you do?

How sad are you on a daily basis?

Steve Rogers is...

A friend doesn't need you to protect them anymore. What do you do?

Your hair is:

Describe the infamous milk glass. (Come on, you know the one)

What are you most excited about in Civil War?

Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes

Congratulation! You're a healthy, functioning person.

Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier

Aw, cheer up there buddy! At least you're not a brainwashed super soldier.