These Word Finds Are Designed For Kids, But Can You Spot All The Hidden Words?

There are at least 5 words hiding in each of these Highlights illustrations. Are you up to the challenge of finding all 58 of them?

Mrs. Potato Head
Created by Mrs. Potato Head
On Oct 6, 2016

Hint: 6 words. The glasses are part of "Book."

Hint: 6 words. "Clouds" is in the bush.

Hint: 6 words. There's an "E" in the squirrel's tail.

Hint: 5 words. That lamp is "Cheesy."

Hint: 5 words. That TV "Cord" is really tangled.

Hint: 6 words. "Chill" is on the tube.

Hint: 6 words. "Vine" is on the fence.

Hint: 6 words. Dad has "Nice" hair.

Hint: 6 words. This classroom is in "Iowa."

Hint: 6 words. The redheaded girl has "Cool" hair.

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