How Well Do You Know Ross Geller From Friends?

See how much of Ross' life you remember from the hit TV show

Mollie Goodfellow
On Jun 2, 2017
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What is Ross’ middle name?

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Which of the other Friends has Ross kissed?

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What is the special sandwich layer that Ross gets so upset about when someone eats his Thanksgiving sandwich?

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How many divorces has Ross had?

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Which airport does Ross first go to when he tries to stop Rachel from leaving for Paris?

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Which costume does Ross wear to Monica’s Halloween party?

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How many layers of spray tan does Ross get?

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What is the martial arts technique Ross teaches Rachel and Phoebe?

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Who does Ross’ first wife leave him for?

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Where was Ross supposed to go on his honeymoon with Emily?

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Which magazine did Ross have a joke published in?

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When Chandler tells their old college that Ross is dead, how does he say Ross died?

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How many pages was the letter that Rachel wrote Ross when they were trying to get back together?

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Which zoo did Ross send his monkey Marcel to when he began humping everything?

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Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

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