Why Green House Cleaning Service Lafayette LA is Ideal

Geaux Maids is locally owned and operated in Lafayette, LA and has a 200% guarantee where, if you are not satisfied with your cleaning simply notify us within 24 hours and we will send another cleaning provider back out to re-clean your home.

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There are several things you have to keep in mind when hiring professional cleaning services Lafayette LA. You have to do a background check, read up on reviews, ask for credentials including license, insurance policies, and bond. This is for your own safety when hiring professional maid service Lafayette LA. However, these are not the only safety concerns you should worry about. If your house cleaning service Lafayette LA is still using regular cleaning products to clean your home, you may be risking your health. Harsh chemicals from regular cleaning products can enter your lungs and cause complications in your health. So it is with the maid cleaning your house. Inhaling these fumes can cause complications that may be charged to you if you don’t make sure that the company’s insurance covers on-site accidents and injuries.
Geaux Maids Lafayette chose to use green cleaning products for our cleaning services Lafayette LA. We don’t scrimp on products and use the cheapest kinds just to offer the cheapest services. We care about our environment and we care about our professional cleaning team. Also, for the sake of your family, we want you to enjoy a clean home without having to smell the harmful cleaning products on-the-job.
If you’ve never considered hiring a green house cleaning service Lafayette LA, you should know that green cleaning products have a lot of benefits. These include:
Living in a Healthier House

Your children, your pets, and your whole family may be endangered by the regular cleaning products your cleaning service is using. It should be noted that regular cleaning products are a risk to your health. For instance, using a simple household cleaning spray with chemicals once a week can increase your risk of developing certain illnesses like asthma. If you want to steer clear of common chronic diseases, hire a maid service Lafayette LA that doesn’t use common cleaning products. At Geaux Maids Lafayette, we ensure that our professional cleaners are equipped with environmentally-safe and chemical-free solutions. Because we value your health and safety, we don’t use harsh chemicals that can get absorbed by your skin or cause respiratory problems when inhaled.
We Help Purify the Air You Breath

The quality of the air you have at home can be affected by the cleaning products you use. Hiring a company that offers green cleaning services Lafayette LA ensure that you will have clean air free of harmful chemicals. Commercial cleaning products have toxic chemicals that are released into the air and waterways. We want to do our best to avoid that by using environmentally-safe cleaning products. We also use recyclable containers so we can avoid toxic waste.
Aromatherapeutic Scents

Many green cleaning products come with a scent like your aromatherapeutic candles. You can feel a stress-free experience when your cleaning lady comes over because of our green cleaning products.
Special Cleaning in Lafayette LA

Geaux Maids Lafayette is the go-to company for most cleaning services Lafayette LA. We do house cleaning including deep cleaning, spring cleaning, regular weekly cleaning, and move-out cleaning Lafayette LA. We utilize safe cleaning products and efficient cleaning equipment when cleaning your home. We make sure that professional maids can clean to your specifications and for your satisfaction. We also offer short-term rental cleaning services and apartment cleaning services. In this day and age, many people need more than just a house cleaning service Lafayette LA professional. There is a growing demand for cleaners who can do more than one type of job. You may want to refer us to family or friends who are living on their own and move often. This includes college students and those who often relocate for their job. If you just built your own home, we can also offer you post construction cleaning Lafayette LA to ensure that there is no debris left behind on the construction site. Get your home ready for entertaining visitors with our special cleaning services. Need to book an appointment fast? Geaux Maids Lafayette offers an easy way to schedule a cleaning appointment. Just visit our website at https://www.geauxmaids.com/la/lafayette/. We schedule bookings 24/7 for your convenience. Experience a professional cleaning service from the best in Lafayette LA cleaning.

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