Black Seed Oil for Eczema

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Eczema is an unpleasant skin condition that can cause a lot of discomfort in sufferers. It typically manifests as dry, rough patches of skin which can be very itchy and sometimes painful. In more severe cases these patches can become scaly or hard and start to ooze. There are a number of topical options for treating eczema and the most common treatment is steroid creams. However, these products are often made from synthetic materials and pose some potential risks to the user. For those looking to improve their eczema with a natural and highly effective product, black seed oil is the ideal choice.

How Black Seed Oil Helps Eczema

Black seed oil helps to improve eczema in a number of ways. When used externally and applied directly to affected skin, the oil works to soothe patches right away. The oil is naturally anti-inflammatory which helps to reduce swelling and redness and to minimize discomfort caused by inflammation. It also contains fatty acids, including omega-3, which helps to moisturize the skin. This makes the oil very soothing and not only reduces the pain and itch associated with dryness but also works to soften skin that has become thick or hardened. Black seed oil also contains zinc, potassium, and B vitamins which all contribute to hydration and healing of skin.

Taking black seed oil internally can be helpful in the battle against eczema as well. Eczema is generally considered to be the result of a faulty immune system in which certain immune proteins mistakenly target the body’s own tissues. Black seed oil is great for supporting the immune system and helps to balance it without increasing reactions against healthy tissue. Some eczema is suspected to be relates to allergies and can still be soothed using black seed oil as it is a natural anti-histamine that reduces the allergic reactions that cause dry, itchy skin patches.

Compared to conventional treatments

The most commonly prescribed treatments for eczema breakouts are topical steroids like hydrocortisone cream. While they can be effective, these creams come with risks. Some people will experience side effects like stinging or burning, thinning skin, skin discolouration, and hair growth on the treatment area. When used long-term, steroid creams can cause bruising, spider veins, and stretch marks. Black seed oil, on the other hand, does not negatively affect the skin and there are no risks associated with long-term topical use.

Though the oil has been used for hundreds of years to remedy many conditions, science has now determined the legitimacy of black seed oil as a treatment for eczema. A clinical study was conducted to compare nigella sativa (black seed) with Betamethasone (a steroid cream). The study discovered that black seed was as effective as Betamethasone at suppressing symptoms and provided results just as quickly. Its efficacy and lack of side effects makes it a safer option for a topical treatment that will still soothe affected skin.

How to use Black Seed Oil for Eczema

Simply applying black seed oil to patches of affected skin is all that is needed when using the amazing substance to treat eczema. Some users like to mix the oil with other ingredients, like Manuka honey or rosewater, but this is not necessary as it is a highly effective treatment on its own. You can also take one teaspoon of black seed oil internally two or three times per day for up to three weeks at a time to help reduce symptoms of eczema.

Black seed oil is a remarkable substance with incredible healing properties. It matches steroid creams in its efficacy and can soothe itchy, sore skin very quickly when applied directly. While there is no known cure for the condition, many eczema sufferers have reported success in reducing or eliminating skin patches without any negative black seed oil side effects. If you’re looking for a safe alternative to prescription creams and ointments, give black seed oil a try and be prepared for amazing results.

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