How Well Do You Remember Back To The Future?

Climb into your DeLorean for a trip down memory well do you remember the classic Back to the Future?

Miranda Gilbert
Created by Miranda Gilbert
On Oct 13, 2019
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How fast does the DeLorean have to go to travel back in time?

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Who guns down the Doc?

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What year does Marty travel back to?

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What is Marty's mission when he arrives in 1955?

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Who's known for the classic line "Great Scott!"

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What's the name of the bully who terrorizes Marty's dad George?

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What do the Doc and Marty do when they run out of plutonium to power the DeLorean?

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Who gets a crush on Marty when he goes back in time?

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Why does Lorraine finally decide to be with George?

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What does Marty say in the letter he gives Doc?

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How does Biff change from the 1950s to the (new) 1980s?

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