How Well Do You Know Your Classic Cocktails? Get A 7/11 On This Quiz Or You're A Basic Wine Mom

Got what it takes to be a bartender? Or are you stuck with a wine bottle and a rum and coke?

Mina Harker
Created by Mina Harker
On Sep 1, 2017
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What's in a classic Old Fashioned?

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Which pair creates the traditional version of the ever-sophisticated martini?

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What type of whiskey belongs in a traditional Manhattan?

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What liquor belongs in a daiquiri?

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What do a Sidecar and a Margarita have in common?

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What's the bubbly in these gorgeous, classic French 75s?

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Which one of these ingredients does NOT belong in a Jack Rose?

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A Negroni has a classic 1:1:1 ratio of which ingredients?

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What can you add to Sazerac to give it a mean little twist?

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The Vieux Carré is named after a famous district in which major city?

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Besides mint, what's in a Mint Julep?

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