What Is Your Evil Personality Type?

Which of the three evil personality types hides inside you?

Michi Cohen
Created By Michi Cohen
On Mar 29, 2017

I can be a very manipulative person at times

I do whatever it takes to get important people on my side

I believe that most people can be manipulated

I consider myself to be an average person

I say anything to get my own way

When I make plans, I make sure they benefit me

I love being the center of attention

People shouldn't mess with me because they will regret it

I have been in trouble with the law

Dangerous situations excite me

I take note of all information as it could be used against someone later

I deserve respect and insist on getting it

Group activities are no fun if I'm not involved

I love it when someone compliments me

I am a big fan of using flattery to get what I want

I am a very cynical person

I believe one should keep their secrets to themselves

People tell me I look like celebrities all the time

You are a saint!

You are a saint!

You evil?? Please!! You are saint! We wouldn't be surprised if you have found yourself walking on water before! You care about everyone around you and try help out when you can. You put others before yourself and don't feel like you should get credit for the good deeds you do! You are a law abiding citizen and and you always see the good in people. You are the light in what can sometimes seem like a very dark world!

The world revolves around you

The world revolves around you

You believe you are God's gift to the world! You are a shameless self-promoter and you absolutely love getting attention from anywhere. If everyone's eyes are on you, you have succeeded! You can get offended very easily if someone criticizes you. Our advice would be to take a step back and realize that maybe the world does not revolve around you! Take people's criticism wisely because it will only benefit you.

You are a master manipulator!

You are a master manipulator!

You are an absolute pro at manipulating people and situations! Most of the time, you are able to cheat someone out of something before they even realize they are being manipulated...that's some skill! The truth is that there is good and bad manipulation, our advice would be to use your manipulation skills for good!

You are a psycopath

You are a psycopath

OK we are a little scared now! You are able to completely switch off your emotions within a single second and you are able to feel no remorse or empathy for your actions. You prefer to be by yourself instead of intense social situations. Why not try and socialize more? You might surprise yourself and actually enjoy it!