Is Your Memory Really As Good As You Think?

Take this interactive test to find out!

Let's see how much you can remember!

**Remember** You have to watch until the very end in order to pass this unique memory test!

The Rules:

How many puppies did you see?

What color were the flowers?

Was there a television in the living room?

What color dress was
Lady Gaga wearing at the Golden Globes?

What drove next to the couple with the umbrella?

Which city did you see?

Were there nachos on the dinner table?

You have an incredible memory!!

You have an incredible memory!!

Impressive! You remembered all of the photos! You most likely have what's called an "eidetic" memory. This means that you have a remarkable ability to recall images. You pay attention to detail, you notice the small things, and you have a gut intuition that kicks in when you've seen something more than once. You have great analytic abilities and you're a natural born problem solver.

You have an almost perfect memory!

You have an almost perfect memory!

Your memory isn't perfect but it is really good! You are always able to pay attention when it is needed the most. You miss a few details here and there but you definitely have your head in the game and there are very few things that are challenging for you. Good job!!

Your memory needs some work!

Your memory needs some work!

You gave it your best shot but you definitely need to get your visual memory muscles flexing a bit more! Not to worry! Most people cannot pass this memory test! All you have to do is try ignite that creative spark within you. You are a natural thinker and it is possible to focus a bit more and see the finer details. Try again!!