Can You Pass This Test For Men, As A Women?

You can also try it if you are a man :)

Michi Cohen
Created By Michi Cohen
On Aug 25, 2016

Remember the names of these famous 70s Angels?

Remember the name of this 90s warrior princess?

Which 80s TV shows did this sultry entertainer appear in?

Remember the name of this 70s toy?

How about this 80s classic?

Who is this 90s beauty?

Remember this 90s cartoon character?

What's the name of this 70s classic?

Remember the name of this 80s popular TV show?

What is the name of these popular 80s toys?

Remember this gorgeous 70s pin up gal?

Remember the name of this classic 80s cartoon?

Remember the name of this 90s toy?

Remember this 70s classic?

Remember the name of this Baywatch babe?

You Nailed It!

You Nailed It!

You are clearly an expert in all things 70/80/90s pop culture. With an extremely wide range of interests. Your knowledge regarding cars, hot girls and toys earns you the title of a pop culture genius, and it doesn't even matter if you're a woman or a man. That's totally tubular!

Pop Culture Lover

Pop Culture Lover

While you are clearly a love of pop culture, there were some items from various time periods that you didn't get right. But don't worry...we are not taking away your man card just yet! Take some time and familiarise yourself with the various time periods and then you will be able to show them whose boss!

Pop Culture Flop

Pop Culture Flop

Oh no! It seems as though you were hiding under a rock for most of the 70/80/90s! Your man card is on the verge of being taken away but there is still time to redeem yourself!! Go indulge in some pop culture and earn the right to get your man card back! You can do it!!!!