How Attractive Would You Be In Medieval Times?

This applies to women of European ancestry only (as other ethnicities may have different beauty standards).

Some questions or results may be offensive or hurtful. Do not take this quiz if you are sensitive! This quiz is for entertainment purposes only!

1. Fairest of them All
2. Fair Maiden
3. Farmer's Daughter
4. Ugly as Sin

Michelle Dienesch
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On Dec 17, 2015

What colour is your NATURAL hair?

What is your NATURAL hair texture (if you air dry your hair after washing, without brushing, styling, or using hair products)?

How long is your hair?

What is your eye colour?

Describe your complexion.

How would you describe yourself (or how would others describe you if you have low self-esteem/body dysmorphia)?

How tall are you?

Which size (US) do you wear?

Which body type do you have?

Which size bra do you wear?

Which face shape do you have?

Which celebrity are your lips most like?

Describe your eyebrows.

Describe your teeth.

How clear is your skin (most of the time)?

How old are you?

How many sexual partners have you had?

Are you married?

Which class are your parents from?

Can you sew or do embroidery? Cook a decent meal? Manage a household or host a formal dinner party?

Do you have a beautiful singing voice?

Fairest of them All

Fairest of them All

Fair Maiden

Fair Maiden

Farmer's Daughter

Farmer's Daughter

Ugly as Sin

Ugly as Sin

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