Which 2016 presidential candidate are you?

Use this quiz to figure out which presidential candidate's personality matches yours! Gary Johnson and Jill Stein also included!

Michael Strobl
On Jan 12, 2017

Which political party do you most associate with?

If you ran for office, how do you think President Obama would respond?

How much do you know about foreign affairs?

What's your preferred method of communication?

There's a debate coming up. How do you prepare?

Who's your favorite world leader?

What's your opinion on vaccination?

What do you look for in a vice president?

How would you describe yourself as a candidate?

Where do you get your news from?

Has your current significant other ever been involved in a scandal?

Which of these foods sounds the most appealing to you?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Watch what you say; you never know who might be recording! You got Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump, who worked in entertainment, sports and real estate before running for president. He is known for his foreign policy plans and desire to make America great again!

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

You better be careful using e-mail! You got Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who has served as first lady, NY senator, and secretary of state. She is also renowned for her work with the Children's Defense Fund. She hopes to raise income and create jobs.

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson

Stay away from interviews on MSNBC! You got Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, who served as Governor of New Mexico before running for president. He hopes to end bipartisan politics by offering himself as a viable third party candidate.

Jill Stein

Jill Stein

You must really love the environment! You got Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, emphasizes environmental protection and campaign finance reform.