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Michael Rogers
Created by Michael Rogers
On Jun 10, 2018

We're not being _____ to our employees.

I saw your _____ in the paper.

She was the one who had _____ the rule.

She has been made the _____ of a tragedy by Shakespeare.

We were in the middle of a _____ in New Mexico.

You were _____ from here.

He felt an intense _____ of emotion.

He put an arm around her _____ and kissed her neck.

He turned the _____ and pushed the door open.

I brought a pole but I don't have any _____.

He looked away from the _____ of the accident.

It was the _____ day of winter break.

The source was _____ in the article.

By the way, _____ storms are of frequent occurrence here.

We could _____ on that.

I have looked _____ to it for months.

Last night in Florida, an alligator attacked a _____ of deer.

We secured a _____ to get our business started.

It's getting late, and I'm _____.

I'm taking the anthropology _____ for credit.



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