We Can Guess If You're A Genius Based On Your Personality

Based on your answers to 15 psychological questions related to your personality and habits we can tell if you truly are a genius.

Michael Rogers
On Feb 19, 2019

What do you prefer to do on your day off?

Do you have a sweet tooth or a savory tooth?

Do you usually strike up a conversation or wait to be approached?

Do you believe that hard work and perseverance guarantee success?

Which of the following describes you more accurately?

Is it hard for you to fall in love?

Does small talk exhaust you?

Do you think more than you speak?

Does your job easily bore you?

Do you think that people consider you socially awkward?

Are you spontaneous?

Are you more likely to trust your gut or your logic/experience?

Do you wear uncomfortable clothes just because they look good on you?

Which of the following colors is calmer?

And finally, which the following colors better reflects optimism?

You are definitely a genius!!

You are definitely a genius!!

Based on the Psychological Personality Test, you are definitely a genius. Geniuses are open-minded, appreciative, and balanced. They can easily keep their composure when things go tits up, are always willing to learn and take opportunities. Geniuses know when to shut up! They listen and think before they talk, and therefore walk away with more insight from most interactions. You are unquestionably a genius! Share the word!

You are NOT a genius!!

You are NOT a genius!!

You are definitely not a genius. Surprised??