Only People With An IQ Score Of 153-161 Passed This General Knowledge Test

Even though the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination, we gave this quiz to 100 college students. Surprisingly, the ones who passed it had an IQ range of 153-161. Give it a try to see if you can get a perfect score.

Michael Rogers
Created by Michael Rogers
On Sep 24, 2018

In what city was Jesus born?

Light waves travel faster than sound waves.

What is the capital of Afghanistan?

Who developed the first successful printing press?

Who is the author of the the "Book of Revelation"?

Which of these Greek city-states was a direct democracy?

Which famous physicist wrote the book 'A Brief History of Time'?

Eva Perón was the First Lady of:

John F. Kennedy was assassinated in:

Which river did the Egyptian civilization spring from?

Which river runs through London?

When did World War I begin?

Which of the following is not a capital city?

When did Japan attack Pearl Harbour?

What is the first of "The Ten Commandments"?

What is the name of Adolf Hitler's autobiography?

What does your heart pump?

Who was the first Western explorer to reach China?

Who baptizes Jesus?

Which of these civilizations survived the longest?

Which instrument has keys, pedals and strings?

Which is the capital of Taiwan?

On what day of Creation did God create man?

American involvement in the Korean War took place in the:

Who discovered Gravity when he saw a falling apple?

You are a GENIUS!

You are a GENIUS!

Way to go! Only people with an IQ score of 153-161 aced this general knowledge test. People in your IQ range are introverted and intuitive. You take time for solitude, listen to your inner voice, and pay attention to your dreams. That said, you don’t ignore limitations; you understand them. Keep up the good work, and SHARE this unique general knowledge drill to test everyone you know.



You failed this general knowledge drill. Have another go at it, and SHARE it to test everyone you know.

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