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Michael Rogers
On Feb 19, 2018

PR0M153 Y0U’LL N3V3R _____ M3.

M057 M3N H4V3 L177L3 70 54Y, _____ 5P34K1N6.

Y0UR 57UDY N33D5 _____ 3XPL4N4710N5.

W3 H4V3 B33N 57UDY1N6 ______ V0LC4N035 F0R 150 Y34R5.

0UR 70WN'5 P4RK1N6 L07 15 B16 3N0U6H 70 _____ BU535.

4N _____ 15 50M30N3 WH0 0FF3R5 0PP051710N.

4 53V3R3 7R0P1C4L CYCL0N3 15 0F73N C4LL3D 4 _____.

17’5 700 5M4LL. 17'5 _____.

1RR4710N4L 5U5P1C10N 0F 07H3R5 15 4 C0ND1710N KN0WN 45 _____.

4 P3R50N WH0 H45 N07 R34CH3D FULL M47UR17Y 15 4N _____.

7H3 P4R7 0F 5P33CH 7H47 M0D1F135 4 N0UN 15 4N _____.

MY F4V0R173 CH3353 15 _____.

7H3 F1R57 3N7RY 0F 4N 4C70R 1N70 4 5C3N3 15 C4LL3D 4N _____.

4N UPR16H7, CUPB04RD-L1K3 R3P05170RY 15 4 _____.

4N UPR16H7, CUPB04RD-L1K3 R3P05170RY 15 4 _____.

L1F3 15 73N P3RC3N7 WH47 H4PP3N5 70 Y0U 4ND _____ P3RC3N7 H0W Y0U R35P0ND 70 17.

4 BR04D C17Y 57R337 15 4 _____.

7H3 _____ CHURCH H45 M1LL10N5 0F M3MB3R5.

7H3 D4Y B3F0R3 7HUR5D4Y 15 _____.

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A+!! SHARE your score!!

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