Only 2% Of The Population Will Pass This Creative IQ Test

"Intelligence is the art of good guesswork."

Michael Rogers
On Mar 11, 2018

First, how old are you?

What is the highest level of education you have completed?

Skirmish is to War as Disease is to _____.

Water is to ice as milk is to _____.

Sculptor is to Statue as Poet is to _____.

Tree is to ground as chimney is to _____.

Dog is to Bark as Goat is to _____.

Cricket is to Bat as Hockey is to _____.

Illiteracy is to Education as Flood is to _____.

Fire is to Ashes as Explosion is to _____.

Paw is to Cat as Hoof is to _____.

Aced it!!

Aced it!!

You aced the Creative IQ Test! Only 2% of the population can score as high as you did. Like most geniuses, you have OCD, you take a lot of risks, and you have a high tolerance for uncertainty. SHARE your amazing score with every person you know.



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