Only 2% Of People Can Pass This Basic Geography Test. Can You?

This geography test is driving the internet crazy. Can you score 20/20?

Michael Rogers
On Feb 19, 2018

First, how many continents are there?

And how many oceans are there?

What is the capital of Australia?

The Strait of Gibraltar divides Spain from:

What is the longest river in the world?

Which is bigger by area?

Which of the following countries does NOT have coastlines on the Mediterranean Sea?

What is Africa's largest country by AREA?

What is the SECOND largest country in the world by population?

Which country is divided between Turks and Greeks?

Which Mediterranean island is bigger?

What is the capital of Italy?

Antarctica has ZERO permanent residents.

What is the largest lake in the United States?

Argentina is in _____ America.

The great Gobi Desert is located in:

What is the largest ocean?

What is the driest of Earth's continents?

Aced it!!

Aced it!!

You are an expert in geography!!

You have the rare ability to think critically. You think about things past face value and therefore understand a lot more about the world than others.

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You failed :(

You don’t know much about geography, but remember these wise words: "Geography does not define you - love does."

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