Try To Get A Perfect Score In This Impossible Christmas Quiz

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Michael Rogers
Created by Michael Rogers
On Nov 3, 2021
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What is a female turkey called?

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How many reindeer drive Santa Claus’ sleigh (counting Rudolph)?

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What is the first name of Scrooge, the principal character of the novel, A Christmas Carol?

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What is the name of the skin that hangs from a turkey’s neck?

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Visions of which sweet foodstuff danced in children’s heads as they slept according to “‘Twas the Night before Christmas”?

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Which Christmas food is it considered good luck to eat one of on each of the 12 days of Christmas?

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Which type of tree was the partridge sitting in, according to a well-known Christmas song?

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How many days do we have between Christmas and the Epiphany?

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Where did the Nativity take place?

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What are two other names for Santa Claus?

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How many ghosts are there in A Christmas Carol?

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What country has the tradition of filling children’s clogs with candy and treats on December 5?

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The legend of Santa Claus is associated with _____.

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How do you say “Merry Christmas” in Spanish?

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Before turkey, the traditional English Christmas dinner included a _____ head smothered in mustard.

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