What Is Your Actual Psychological Gender?

This quick 10-question test can determine your psychological gender.

Michael Cheeks
On Aug 17, 2016

Are you a dog or cat person?

Are you an iPhone or Android person?

Are you a pizza or burger person?

Are you a Mac or PC person?

Are you a beer or wine person?

Are you a private or public transportation person?

Are you a dairy or soy person?

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Are you a coffee or a tea person?

And finally, are you a city or countryside person?

You are a WOMAN!

You are a WOMAN!

You are definitely a WOMAN, and you must be bold, adventurous, and highly intelligent. You sleep on the right side of the bed, your favorite color is either Coral-Red, Black-Olive, or Apple-Green, and you are always right (and we are not being sarcastic).

You are a MAN!

You are a MAN!

You are definitely a MAN, and you must be confident, humble, and adventurous. You sleep on the left side of the bed, and your favorite color is either Denim-Blue, Lavender-Indigo, or Dark-Orchid. Are we spot on?