Is Paris Meant For You?

Are you planning on taking a trip to Paris in the future and possibly staying? Well... maybe you should find out if the Paris life is really meant for you.

mia rita
Created by mia rita
On Aug 5, 2015

Which of these do you value more in your life?

Pick your ride

Pick an alcoholic beverage

Pick an outfit

Would you say you're more introverted or extroverted?

Choose a retro actress

Favorite movie genre?

Which one do you like to do most?

On a scale from 1-3 (three being the highest), what noise level can you take?

Lastly, what kind of area do you live in now?



Ooo La La! Are you sure you're not from Paris? The Paris life is absolutely no problem for you! From fashion to romance to shopping, like Paris, you're all about it.. Maybe you should start to think about taking a visit. Who knows? Paris may have been the right place for you all along!



You do show some signs of the Paris life, but maybe you should think it over before you go. Like the people from Paris, you do enjoy good food and a nice glass of wine, but it seems as if you enjoy a little less big city living and more peace and quiet... but who knows? Maybe a one trip ticket to Paris will be in your future?



You're a country gal, and enjoy the peace and quiet of a small town. Paris would be way too hectic and loud, as where you live now is much quieter. You like the wide open wilderness and fresh air.. Maybe you shouldn't over think moving to Paris