What Every Girlfriend Should Know When Going To A Strip Club With Their SO

A strip club with naked women dancing might seem as the least endearing place for a girl but the perceived image of strip clubs might lead to fooling you. Who does not enjoy a bit of gracious sensuality after all?

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On Jul 30, 2018
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What to do and More Importantly What Not to

And while the strip clubs are essentially places of pleasure for men and are often synonymously called bachelor party strip club, (especially when there is an all-female stripping crew, with little action by the male strippers),  there is still no reason why you should not try going to a strip club with your bae once in a while to have a fun night out. And if only you are open and receptive enough, there are a lot of lessons just lying around in that room full of mesmerized men that you can learn from the sultry women commanding all of their attention.

So, if your boyfriend proposes a striptease evening with you at a strip pub, take the offer sportingly, warm yourself up for the fun party, read this article on, and gear up for a scintillating evening of erotic pleasures (yes, for you, too!).

Like any other thing, there are some basic ground rules that you need to play by when in a strip club with your man. You obviously won’t want to act stupid and make a spectacle of yourself. It takes a lot of common sense and confidence to be your own natural self in a room full of men who are drooling over naked, sensually alluring women. And the knowledge that your man very well might be one of them can be a bit unsettling but staying cool is the first principle of being at a club full of female Miami strippers.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that you are going there to have fun. So dress up a bit. After all, you are going to be with your boyfriend and it is important that you do not let his eyes wander off you much. So wear a bit of makeup and dress boldly. Don’t overdo things, however, just because you are going to a strip club. Your boyfriend must not get a feeling that you are insecure.

Secondly, once you are at the club, get familiar with the ambiance of the place. Let yourself loose a bit and enjoy the atmosphere. You can get yourself a nice drink and let go as long as you stay right in your senses. You should make it a point to not get very drunk lest you should do something stupid.

Also, avoid feeling jealous and negative and stay calm. Have your fun and also let your boyfriend have his. It’s just the matter of the evening after all and your man is not going anywhere. Do not compare his reactions the strippers to that to you. The strippers are professionals and have been doing this for years now at the local strip clubs. They very well know how to seduce men and not mean it at all. So take a chill pill and relax.

If you are already a cool girlfriend and are willing to have your share of fun at a strip club, too, this is your evening and it’s time you seize the day. But do not cross your limits in the course of doing so. Some strip clubs allow the guests to dance with their stripes but that does not mean that you can do whatever you want to. The strippers are usually very generous and let you party with them. But do keep in mind that you don’t grope and touch the strippers inappropriately. Maintain the basic decency of human contact because yes, they are strippers but they are just doing their job and it does not make them liable to harassment.

Also, you can dance with the strippers but do not steal their thunder at their show just to impress your boyfriend. There are other men in the room, too looking at you and even your boyfriend won’t like you becoming the center of attention at the party.

Lastly, after having your fun, when you are taking off from the club, do not forget to leave the strippers a nice tip. That shows that you liked the show and enjoyed yourself and it is the most sincere token of appreciation that you can offer to your entertainers.

Also, it will reflect your generosity and cool-headedness to your boyfriend and he won’t be able to help being impressed.  So next time, your bae suggests the idea, say a big yes and have your fun while at the same time leave him bedazzled by your openness. Win-win!