Quiz: 'The Weissensee Saga'

Think you know The Weissensee Saga? Test your knowledge of the first two seasons with this challenging quiz – and don’t miss Season 3, premiering December 13th exclusively on MHz Choice!

MHz Choice
Created by MHz Choice
On Dec 10, 2016
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When Martin and Julia first met, what did Martin do for a living?

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What's the name of Hans' and Falk's boss in the Ministry for State Security?

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At its zenith, the Stasi had files on six million people - about one third of East Germany's population. Which of the following did the Stasi actually keep an official archive of?

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We all know Martin, Hans, Falk and Vera Kupfer. But who are Marion, Lisa and Sonja Kupfer?

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Which of the following is the title of an album recorded by Dunja Hausmann?

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When Julia first met Martin, she had a German-American boyfriend named Robert Schnyder. How did Schnyder plan to smuggle Julia across the border to the West?

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Falk and Vera's son Roman was an accomplished athlete. What sport did he compete in?

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What was the name of the doctor in attendance at the birth of Julia's child?

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With her marriage over, Vera left Falk for the charismatic Robert Wolff. What was Wolff's profession?

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In the U.S., which excellent streaming service will exclusively premiere the new episodes of The Weissensee Saga?

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