Montalbano Quiz #2 - How Well Do You Know the Characters of Vigata?

Show off your Montalbano knowledge by digging deep into the colorful characters of Vigata!

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In “The Snack Thief”, Montalbano tells Fazio to make a lot of noise hauling a mother and daughter to the police station, to embarrass them publicly. What did the two do?

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In “Spider’s Patience,” Montalbano encounters a woman driven into prostitution to make money to care for her disabled husband. In addition to her body, what else does she offer for sale?

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In “Scent of the Night”, Montalbano visits the home of a Vigata citizen who has a pet with a special skill. What is the pet and what does it do?

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Only once in 26 episodes does Montalbano express unvarnished admiration for someone he questions. Which character is it?

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What does Montalbano say about himself to get this woman from “The Potter’s Field” to give him information?

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Dr. Pasquano often says an Italian/latinate phrase to Montalbano. Which phrase is it?

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How does the older vacationing couple on the beach in “Turning Point” offend Montalbano?

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In “Wings of the Sphinx,” what do Montalbano and Mimi try to tell this woman?

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In “August Heat”, why does Montalbano object to Spitaleri’s Ferrari?

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In “The Treasure Hunt”, Montalbano has a conversation with a homeless man who lives on the beach. What is the man’s complaint?

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In the U.S., which streaming service will premiere TWO NEW feature length episodes of Detective Montalbano?

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