Crime Scene Cleaner Quiz

Think you know Crime Scene Cleaner? Test your knowledge of all things Schotty with this fun quiz – and don’t forget, the new episodes premiere September 20th exclusively on MHz Choice!

MHz Choice
Created by MHz Choice
On Sep 10, 2016
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Schotty works for which company?

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Schotty once cleaned the house of that noted (in his own mind) writer, Bernhard Benning. Which one of his books had Schotty read?

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The first time Bukow and König met Schotty, he inadvertently ruined a valuable piece of evidence by cleaning it. What was that evidence?

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Schotty has a very distinctive ringtone on his phone. What is it?

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Schotty once had to clean up the remains of Z-list celebrity Gina Hoetzinger’s ex-boyfriend. What reality show was Gina a finalist on?

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A follow-up question: What was Gina’s debut album called?

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In addition to cleaning, Schotty has other interests: beer, girls and soccer, for example. What’s the name of Schotty’s favorite soccer team?

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Schotty’s motto is what?

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Schotty’s his nickname - what’s his full given name?

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In the U.S., which streaming service will exclusively premiere the new episodes of Crime Scene Cleaner?

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