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The public vote is now closed. The winner will be presented with their award at the eighth annual Met Excellence Awards ceremony on Monday, 11 March, which is being hosted by LBC’s Nick Ferrari. Stay tuned to @MetPoliceUK and @MPSontheStreet on Twitter to find out who has won this year's bravery award. Thanks to all who voted!

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On Mar 5, 2019

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PC Stevie Bull
PC Neil Dobson
PC Luke Bowers
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Bravery Award nominees

PC Stevie Bull, Central North Command Unit (Camden and Islington)

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PC Stevie Bull showed courage and bravery in the face of extreme threat when she unexpectedly confronted a man with a suspected firearm in a hospital.

PC Bull became aware of an incident unfolding at University College Hospital in March 2018 where she was working on an unrelated case. A suspect was threatening staff with a firearm and, without concern for her own safety, PC Bull acted on instinct and put herself between the suspect and the hospital staff, helping to protect them and divert the gunman’s attention.

PC Bull closed the gap between herself and the suspect, giving clear commands to put down the weapon. When he refused, she attempted to grab it. In the struggle, she sustained a head injury after being thrown into a wall, but she continued to tackle the suspect, wrestling the gun from his hands, handcuffing and arresting him.

The firearm was later found to be a starter pistol, however PC Bull did not know this at the time of her heroic actions.
PC Bull is now a Sergeant on the Central East Command Unit (Hackney and Tower Hamlets).

PC Neil Dobson, South-East Dog Support Unit

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PC Dobson’s commitment and passion undoubtedly saved lives when he ran into a burning building.

PC Dobson and his dog Monty were conducting an arrest enquiry with colleagues from Operation Viper in May 2018 when they were made aware of a fire in a nearby building in London Road, Croydon, by a member of the public.

Upon approaching the premises, they could hear someone trapped inside shouting for help. The basement flat was full of thick black smoke with the door locked from the inside.
PC Dobson tied up Monty, and with no thought for his own safety, he rushed into the building and to the residents' aid.

PC Dobson and his colleagues gained entry and systematically cleared every flat over three floors. They went in again and again, and despite suffering injuries from opening the doors and it becoming difficult to breathe, the officers continued until everyone was brought to safety. Amongst those rescued was a man found collapsed in the hallway and several families with small children; in one case a young baby. No resident was injured.

Without PC Dobson’s thought for the vulnerable, sleeping people inside and the quick action he took, the incident could have easily spiralled into tragedy.
The incident was captured on body-worn video and it is evident that PC Dobson and his colleagues showed huge courage and saved lives that day.

PC Luke Bowers, South-East Dog Support Unit

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PC Bowers showed heroic determination when he held onto a suspect, despite seriously injuring his arm by doing so. 

While on duty with his dog Duke, PC Bowers responded to an aggravated burglary in Bromley in September 2018. Two suspects inside the property broke a first-floor window and jumped out of it. The first escaped, but as the second jumped, PC Bowers grabbed him.
The suspect’s weight pulled PC Bowers’ arm against the broken glass, resulting in a serious laceration. Despite this, PC Bowers retained his grip determined not to let the suspect get away.

When local officers arrived, they found PC Bowers still holding and saw his arm was heavily bleeding. 

PC Bowers was hospitalised for three days and only returned to his normal duties this month following the incident. 

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The Met Excellence Awards is the force’s annual celebration of the outstanding work achieved throughout the year by the Met family - be they officers, staff or volunteers.

Winners will be announced at the ceremony in March and published on Twitter

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