How well do you know the elements of the periodic table?

Take this test to see how well you know chemical elements.

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On Jun 13, 2017
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In the past, virtually every household had a device containing metal that was liquid at room temperature. Its vapors are extremely poisonous. What metal is it?

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What is the lightest metal?

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What chemical element was first discovered on the Sun and only then found on Earth?

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Noble metals are rare to find in nature and are highly valued in all corners of the world for their resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Which of the metals is not a noble one?

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Is it true that oxidized iron is heavier than regular iron?

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This element is yellow. Medieval alchemists called it “the bile of the volcano god”. Its oxide has a distinct scent of a match lighting up. What element are we talking about?

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Which two metals are the most common in the Earth’s crust?

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The name of this element comes from the old Greek “lazy” or “idle”, which is a pretty good description of its chemical properties. What is it?

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What gave a name to the chemical element indium?

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In 1854, on kilogram of this metal cost 20 dollars. 50 years later, the price went down the same number of times!

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