Quiz - Are you asking for (and getting) what you want out of life?

This quiz will give you your AQ -- Your Askability Quotient. Are you asking for that raise? Asking for the treatment you deserve? Asking enough of yourself? Answer the questions honestly and you will get some important insights into your ability to put your big ASK out there and live a life you love.

Melissa Flach
Created By Melissa Flach
On Apr 22, 2017

How often do you get to participate in your favorite hobby?

Your date starts texting while you are trying to tell them something about yourself. What do you do?

What is your fear level to tell your partner your dreams for the future.

Have you ever asked for a raise or promotion at work?

Who won the last argument in your household/partnership/workplace?

Your new partner blows off Valentines Day. How do you react?

You're frustrated with a lack of communication at work. How do you handle it?

You have a new interest in meditation, tarot readings and astrology. Your family members have never really been exposed to these topics. Do you tell them?

Think about your favorite activity in high school. What were you known for? Sports? Choir? Robotics club? Are you still participating in that one activity that used to be such a big part of your life?

How much do you relate to this sentence. I've lost myself in my role as parent, spouse, employee, taxi driver, cook, soccer coach, bill payer, etc, etc. and I just don't know who I am anymore.

You are an Ask-Kicker

You are an Ask-Kicker

Good Job, you have mastered the art of speaking your truth. You state your wants and needs right away in your relationships with others so that you don't feel you are compromising your values. People in your life appreciate your honesty and always know where you stand. You are able to accomplish this without being harsh or losing your temper. I encourage to share with others this safe space you have been able to create in your own life. How did you get there? What or who taught you that it was safe to be authentic?

You are an Emergining Asker

You are an Emergining Asker

You know the benefits of speaking your truth in your relationships, you just haven't quite mastered it yet. There are times when you want to speak up but can't quite muster the courage. And yet, when you do speak up, after weeks of practice, it is well received and you wonder why you waited so long. With some practice and enlightenment into what it is you really want to stand for, you can become an Ask-Kicker.

You are Afraid to Speak Your Truth and it's Hurting You

You are Afraid to Speak Your Truth and it's Hurting You

You are frustrated by always saying NO to your YES and YES to everyone else. You feel lost and a bit resentful, wondering how you could have lost so much control of your life. You feel like you give and give and yet no one in your life gives back to you. Don't worry, with some guidance you can get yourself to a place where you are feeling like yourself again and speaking out about what you need and want. You can feel good about your role in your life and others will see the real you!