Only Musical Geniuses Can Get 10/10 On This Quiz

See if you can ace the hardest music quiz on the internet!

Melissa Bamford
On Apr 6, 2018
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In the key of A major, which three notes are to be played or sung sharp?

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What is the term for the comfortable range of a singer and where most of the notes fall?

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Suppose a piece of music is written in the time signature of 9/8. Which durations of notes (without any rests added) CANNOT be written in one measure?

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We see 4 sharps in the key signature of a piece of music, and, instead of E major (based on the note E), the scale is based on the note C# (sharp). Which mode, also known as natural minor, are we in?

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Which chord contains the notes G, B-flat, and E-flat in that exact order and played simultaneously?

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If a song was written at a tempo of 126 beats per minute, what tempo would this be classified as?

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In the key of D major, C# is which scale degree relative to D?

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In a diatonic scale, each note is given a name. For instance, the first note of the scale is the "tonic". Which position is the mediant?

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Which of the following is a synonym of intonation?

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Which of the following sequence of notes is part of a chromatic?

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