Which Planet Are You REALLY From?

Melissa Bamford
On Jan 9, 2018
Which alien looks the friendliest?Which sci-fi tv show is the coolest? Star TrekRick and MortyDoctor WhoFuturamaWhat's your favorite Star Wars movie?The Force AwakensEpisode 4: A New HopeEpisode 2: Attack Of The ClonesEpisode 3: Revenge Of The SithWould you rather be super hot all the time or super cold?Super hotSuper coldWhat do you like to put in your omelette?Cheddar cheeseBacon and mushroomsBananasSmoked trout and hot sauceWhich alien-themed movie is your favorite?War of the WorldsE.T.AvatarMy Favorite MartianWait...do you believe in aliens?YesNoPick a word to describe yourself:FriendlyMoodyDirectFunny