Are You A Bully?

Are you a nice guy? Or a big, fat meanie?

Melissa Bamford
On Apr 4, 2018

Someone drops a 20 dollar bill, what do you do?

You forget your lunch at home, what do you do?

Which of these cartoon characters do you relate to the most?

Which of these movies do you wanna watch?

Do you like rollercoasters?

Are your parents still together?

Have you ever hurt someone on purpose?

Which famous bully would be your friend?

You're a bully!

You're a bully!

When people see you, they run! You take out your deep emotional hurt out on the innocent. You're bad to the bone and a total bad-ass!

You're not a bully

You're not a bully

You're the one who RAN from the bullies, you're sweet and sensitive and wouldn't hurt a fly. Aww!