9 Pieces Of Advice From Couples Who Have Been Married For 50+ Years

A lot of people like to give relationship advice, but nothing beats the advice of people who's been together for longer than you've been alive.

What's the secret to ever-lasting love?

1."Opposites may attract in the movies, but they don’t make great marriage partners"

2."Pay attention to what your friends and family say"

3."Physical attraction is important"

4."Beware of the strong, silent type"

5."Observe your partner while playing a game, you'll learn a lot about them".

6."Have realistic expectations of each other"

7."The most important factor in a relationship is respect"

8."Talk openly about everything, even if it hurts"

9."Give each other space"

9."Give each other space"

Love each other...but not too much. You need to make sure you have your own life.