7 Ways To Lose Weight That Don't Involve Exercise

Let's face it...exercising is super annoying. What are some ways to lose weight without lifting a finger? Check out these tips!

1. Chew your food slowly. Give your brain a chance to realize it's not hungry anymore.

2. Eat lots of protein. Protein gives your stomach a sense of "fullness"

4. Keep junk food out of the house. Only eat unhealthy foods at restaurants.

5. Drink lots of water. Fill your belly with water instead of food!

6. Don't eat while looking at your phone. Studies show people who eat while they look at screens eat more than those who don't.

Don't eat so much!

Don't eat so much!

It's obvious but it's true! Eat at least 1500 calories per day while keeping portions small and you'll see the pounds come falling off.