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The Opposite H
Hazy Hesitant Hostile
Come up with a word beginning with H that has an opposite meaning to the each of these words. a) Clear b) Resolute c) Welcoming
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The Neighborhood Problem
Alex. It's all about the Roman numerals in each name. Add them up.
Vincent's house number 106, Claire lives at number 151 and Olivia lives at number 57. Who lives at number 60? Alan or Alex?
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Mixed Instrumental
Harp, guitar and piano.
If you rearrange the letters of UPRIGHT PARANOIA you'll get three musical instruments. Name them.
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Connect the Consonants
Pearl, coral, jade, topaz, opal and peridot.
Add vowels to each group of letters to form six CONNECTED words. PRL CRL JD TPZ PL PRDT
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New Word Order
Car. Carat, Carrot, Carport, Carton, Caraway and Carpet.
Which three-letter word can be added to the beginning of these words to make new words? at, rot, port, ton, away, pet
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X The pattern is three letters, then five, then three....
Which letter is next in this sequence? C H K P S
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Letter Problem
3 Count the alphabetical places between the letters to get the number.
If RM = 5, XK = 13 and JC = 7, what does SP=?
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Arranging the Tinsel
Listen, inlets, silent and enlist.
Which four words can you create by rearranging the letters of TINSEL?
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What's in a word?
They can be rearranged to make names. Ryan, Noel, Mary and Ruth
Besides having four letters, what do these words have in common? YARN LONE ARMY HURT
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Double Nines
Continued and unnoticed
Use the same 9 letters to replace the blanks with different words. The employee’s actions BLANK BLANK until he was caught on a security camera.
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