13 Reasons We Love To Hate And Hate To Love The Star Wars Holiday Special

So bad it's good, but in a bad way that is also kind of good.

Mel Bailey
Created by Mel Bailey
On Mar 29, 2017

Because the "Holiday" in question is the Wookie holiday Life Day.

Apparently, Life Day is celebrated with a buttload of dry ice.


Because Chewbacca's father looks suspiciously like the wampa that tried to kill Luke on Hoth.

And that just brings up way too many disturbing questions.


Because Luke is wearing guy liner.

Was he getting extra work as Shaun Cassidy's stunt double?


Because Art Carney brings Itchy something called a Mind Evaporator...

That's right, I said Art Carney! He was inexplicably in a lot of things in the 70s (kind of like saccharine).


And then this happened...

And then things got weird...and a little inappropriate for a kid's show. How did they even get this past the censors?


Because there was a 70s style cartoon.

Very, very, VERY 70s.


Because we still don't know who these two are.

Lady Gaga wasn't even born yet.


Because Mala is making Bantha for Life Day dinner.

What? Was the market out of Ewok?


But at least she had a cooking show to help her out. Sadly, it was this one:

Even sadder...that's Harvey Korman under all that purple padding.


Because the Empire just had to mess with Life Day.

Tell them to get a warrant, Mala!


Because most of the dialogue is in Wookie.

It's like listening to someone move furniture across a vinyl floor for 90 minutes.


Because Princess Leia sang a Life Day carol that was cheesier than a cheese pizza with a stuffed crust.

And stuffed crust wasn't even invented yet.


Because Bea Arthur sang with the cantina band, and we hated it, but it was still our favorite part.

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Hey...is that a tear in your eye, friend?

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