Are You Secretly Evil?

Take this dark quiz if you dare...

Created By CandyQuiz
On Sep 28, 2016

You are trapped in a dark room with a crying stranger. You have a slice of bread, a phone, and a knife. You...

You are mostly motivated by...

Which of the following quotes is your favourite?

You have just hurt someone's feelings. You feel...

Pick a companion.

House Preference?



Inside of you roams a dark side, one that you do not wish to hide. Everyone has every right to fear you, and everyone does. The flame of kindness in your soul has either been isolated from the world or extinguished. You crave power and value reality, dark, cold reality...

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You are composed of pure humanity. You dedicate your life to solving problems and showing kindness. Your heart knows what to do, and you rely on it for a source of love and forgivingness. Sometimes, it may be hard to sustain a happy mood, but every human has it that way. Fun is a #1 priority.

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You are strong, gutted, and responsible. There are two sides to you: One side is helpful and forgiving, but the other side is cold and unforgiving. You are a mysterious individual. Some other people find you stubborn and hard to cope with, but some are like you and are very close to you.

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