The Ultimate Bluth Family Trivia

We all love the infamous Bluth Family. But how well do you REALLY know them? Take this quiz to find out if you're an Arrested Development super fan!

Meg P.
Created By Meg P.
On Mar 29, 2017
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What is the name of Lindsey, Tobias, and Maeby's family band?

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Where did Lucille first meet George Sr.?

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Who is Michael's birth sister?

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What does GOB stand for?

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What focus did Bluth family attorney, Barry Zuckercorn, study while at law school?

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How does Buster lose his hand?

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What software did George Michael develop with his roommate in college?

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Who is George Sr.'s one armed friend?

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Tobias' "nevernude" affliction is an actual psychological condition known as...?

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Maeby lies about her age and fakes her way to becoming a film studio exec. What is the name of film studio?

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What is the name of the series of religious tapes that George Sr. created in prison?

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