Are you an empath?

Empaths are psychic humans who can sense other's feelings. Are you one?

May Infinity
Created by May Infinity
On Aug 15, 2015

How will you describe the feeling of going into crowded places, such as shopping malls?

how do you feel when you watch tragedies, cruelties, violence, blood or seeing someone getting hurt on TV, or anywhere else?

Are you always fatigued?

Will you tolerate narcissism?

How are you with daily routines, rules, or with being controlled?

Do you love daydreaming?

Do you love adventures, freedom or traveling?

Do you strive for the truth?

Are you creative? Do you love creativity? (for example, singing, dancing, acting, drawing)

Do you get bored or distracted easily if not stimulated?

Are you drawn to Healing?

Are you a great listener?

How does this image makes you feel?

And this one?

Final question- do you always look for the underdog? (Anyone whose suffering, in emotional pain or being bullied)



If you searched for any answers, now you have them. you are an empath, a person who feels the emotions of the people who are sorrounding him. You can be drained out of energy easily, therefore you must learn how to protect your energy from being taken away. You might be confused by emotions of other people, and hate and pain hurts really bad, but you must continue on. you have an amazing ability, use it well.



you might be something else, yet I don't think you're an empath. at least, not by the correct standarts, I might be wrong. you maybe belong to another group, but not to the empaths. I wish you luck with knowing who you are.