Who tweeted it: Zoella or SprinkleofGlitter?

Are you the ultimate watcher of these chummies? Prove it.

Maximum Pop!
Created By Maximum Pop!
On Aug 24, 2016
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"It's wet & cold & I'm currently frolicking on a lake with my friends in a hard hat."

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"I love how much you guys know about Pokemon. Can we start a new team of just us??"

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"The awkward moment you & your friend get caught out singing Whitney Houston in a car park... "

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"Another day of going to the wax salon.
Another day of miscommunication.
Another day of more (or less) than I expected."

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"Can't stop thinking about Christmas."

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"The world would be a better place if people focused on themselves instead of projecting insecurities onto others."

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"Sometimes I watch a video so cringey I fear I will have to rip all my skin off."

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"I'm thinking a lot about Pokemon."

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