Maximum Pop! - Would you survive the spy life? Choose your own adventure Ally Carter-style!

Were you born to slay like someone straight out of an Ally Carter book? Now's the time to find out. Do you have a natural flair for the hustle? Or are you more of a sneaky spy type? Take the test!

Maximum Pop!
Created By Maximum Pop!
On Jan 30, 2017

So you've just been dumped out on Embassy Row. You know you need to get inside before being seen, so you...

Someone stops to ask you the time and comments that the weather is unseasonably warm. They give you "a look".

You finally get to where you're staying and start to unpack... But there's been a mix-up. This isn't your bag.

If you have to carry a weapon you prefer...

the one object that is useful in a pinch is...

Someone is knocking on your door. No... not knocking, hammering. They don't sound friendly, so you...

You're caught and taken in for questioning. It doesn't seem like they're officials of any kind. they ask you your name...

They finally let you go. Phew! What's the plan?

You were born to SPY!

You were born to SPY!

You might as well get yourself along to Gallagher Academy now.

You're queen of the hustle!

You're queen of the hustle!

You and Katrina Bishop are two peas in a pod. The heist is on!

What are you waiting for? The UN needs you!

What are you waiting for? The UN needs you!

You'd totally SLAY Embassy Row. In a very professional way... Of course. *sweats*