How well do you know 1D's OTRA tour?

1D may be on a hiatus, but that laughter and tears from the OTRA tour remain in our hearts as fond memories. That being said, test your knowledge on how well you really know what went down on the 'On The Road Again' tour.

Maximum Pop!
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On Mar 29, 2017
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Where did this iconic fall occur?

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Which US date was the same on the same day as the 'Drag Me Down' random release?

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Which show on the OTRA was Zayn's last? :(

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Where did the UK leg of the OTRA begin?

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In which city did Directioners bring flowers to the boys' show?

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In which country was Harry given the 'Always in my heart' flag?

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At which UK OTRA show(s) did Augustana perform at?

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At which US tour date was 'Act My Age' added, and 'Happily' was removed?

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Which was the only North America location with more than one show?

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Which continent had the best leg of the tour?

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