Maximum Pop! - Can you guess if Dan or Phil tweeted this?

Dan and Phil tweets are everything, can you guess who tweeted what?

Maximum Pop!
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On Sep 13, 2017
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Yes I deal with problems like an adult excuse me while I lock myself in the bathroom and listen to angry music while frowning in the mirror.

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We had to move dressing room as there was a dog sized fly terrorising ours. It's probably eating my suitcase right now.

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My dad thought it would be funny to let me try and park the car at the supermarket. RIP to the 3 bushes and bed of flowers that I murdered.

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I left our door open and my neighbour's dog just ran into our lounge! I thought I was being attacked by a wolf until he licked my hand.

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3 EYELASHES IN MY EYE! What is happening.

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I tried to order a Christmassy Starbucks drink and then remembered the horrifying truth.

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I swear all I do is reach for my laptop charger when it falls off my bed why don't I have abs yet.

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Oh look my hotel bedside drawer came with a free bible expansion pack.

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A boy was bouncing a basketball outside and a man shouted 'IF YOU DON'T STOP BOUNCING THAT BALL I WILL BOUNCE YOU!"

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Feeding fish makes me feel like the FISH KING.

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I got a huge bruise on my leg and I'm trying to figure out if it looks like a screaming duck or a sloth holding onto a tree.

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A friend convinced me to 'go for a walk' this evening which means either they're gonna murder me or I look like I desperately need exercise.

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It just thundered so loud I dropped my hobnob in my coffee! Thanks Thor.

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There is no better version of yourself than when you're around a friend's parents and become the physical embodiment of politeness and grace.

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Is there anything as oppressive as having to actually get dressed to leave the house on a Monday after a weekend of only wearing pyjamas?

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Thinking I should start gathering two of every animal in London.

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Nothing gives me more validation in life than heckling contestants for getting wrong answers on gameshows that I know I'd never win.

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Went to see Wicked for my mum's bday! It made me want to paint myself green and jump out of the window. 5 green babies out of 5.

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I literally haven't moved since I tweeted this. My butt and the sofa have combined into one object.

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Just saw a centipede scuttle under my bed so I guess it's time to move to Antarctica.

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Why are wasps so angry?!? Probs jealous of bees and their swaggy fluff.

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England more like fuckimmeltingdeargodhowcaniescapethisunbearableheatimsweatingoutofmyeyeballswhereisallthebloodyrainweresupposedtohaveland.

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New video about to drop lads it is flirtatious and outrageous but hopefully not contagious.

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People are asking me what i want to do for my birthday. How do I say 'be alone and eat a lot' without sounding rude?

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I'd write a funny tweet about being jet-lagged but I'm too jet-lagged. I'll do my live show on Sunday at 7PM!

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Was having a barbeque until I tripped over it and now it's a floorbeque.

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Alien: Covenant could have been amazing as a full prometheus sequel but no we get more xenomorph shooting because the normies like it REEEEE.

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Got a 'Superman' flavoured ice cream! Thankfully it tasted of bubblegum rather than superhero flesh.

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What should my new icon be?

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Something relatable.

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Starting the day by ugly crying at undercover boss USA.

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Does it count as half a press-up if I just lie on the floor?

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When I become president I'll make it a law that all beverages are served with a toasted marshmallow.

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When you think you're above posting shameless cute selfies but you crave validation so you write a self depreciating caption to seem ironic.

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I don't trust blond people.

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An immigration officer laughed at my passport photo and asked if it was my 'tragic emo phase' ok let me into the country don't shame my past.

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Woke up on the sun lounger with hundreds of new friends crawling up my legs! Maybe should've checked to see if it was on top of an ANT NEST

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Just saw a man jump out of his car and sprint down the freeway to rescue a slow-crossing tortoise! He should be the new Marvel superhero.

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I find if you make it your goal to be a constant disappointment you'll suddenly be really content with how the world perceives you.

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I sometimes wonder what my issues would sound like expressed as songs but I know instead of Adele i'd just be a single flat tuba note.

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Ok so the pigeon I was taming has pooped all over my new garden chair and now I understand why the neighbour was mad at me.

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May the first be with you.

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As someone who doesn't go outside or open the curtains 'spring' is just the time when it gets warm enough to walk around in my underwear.

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I ordered burrito from a "healthy mexican" place but it's apparently a "burrito salad" with no wrap wtf this is no burrito I feel BETRAYED.

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So the neighbours thought their dog ran away but it actually came into our apartment and I petted it for an hour before telling them whoops.

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I'm about to eat a cookie bigger than my face so this week is off to a good start.

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I was told if I ate 7 olives I'd like the taste! Well I just did and it was a massive lie and I want to eat my own tongue to get rid of it.

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The hotel receptionist asked how many L's are in my name and I said "I'm a one L kinda guy. Less lip, more of the ip" I just shouldn't speak.

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Back in kangaroo land! Went to Bondi beach today and I have never felt more pale.

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