Which Patriots Super Bowl Winner? See How Much You Know About The Patriots Championship Teams!

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady together have won 5 Super Bowls, see if you can match the fact to the championship winning team!

Matt Saracen
Created By Matt Saracen
On Jan 19, 2018
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This Championship team was the first Patriots Super Bowl to be won in Phoenix:

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This team beat the Raiders in the now infamous tuck rule snowstorm game:

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This team had the longest regular season and post season combined winning streak with 21 games:

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After a year outside of the playoffs, many fans doubted Bill Belichick before what championship season?

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This championship team was in the first ever overtime Super Bowl:

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This season featured the now infamous Deflategate game in the AFC Championship:

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This was the first ever Patriots team to win more than 11 games:

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This team broke the record for most consecutive conference championship game appearances with 6:

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This Super Bowl team was led by an unheralded back up quarterback:

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This was the last team in the NFL to repeat as champion:

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