The Presidential Inauguration Trivia Challenge

Every four years on January 20th, a President is sworn in to lead The United States of America. It is a tradition that defines our country. How well do you know Presidential History? Are you ready for The Presidential Inauguration Trivia Challenge?

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On Jan 9, 2017
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This President's 2nd Inauguration was the first to be Broadcast on the internet.

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Where was George Washington inaugurated in 1798?

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This President is the only one to be sworn in by a woman? (U.S. District Judge Sarah T. Hughes)

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Ronald Reagan's second inaugural had to compete with what sporting event in 1985?

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Which Constitutional Amendment changed the Inauguration date from March to January 20th?

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Which President's Inaugural parade was the first to include African-Americans?

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Donald Trump will be sworn in on January 20th, 2017. What number President will he be?

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The Presidential Oath is taken with a hand resting upon a Bible. Which President did not use a Bible?

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Whose inauguration was the first to be televised?

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Who was the first president sworn in wearing long trousers.

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