How Well Do You Know Walt Disney's Beauty And The Beast?

Someone must break the magic spell! Will you answer all the questions correctly before the last petal falls from the enchanted rose?
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On Aug 30, 2015
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How many eggs does Gaston eat every morning now that he's grown?

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What kind of flower does Belle pick in the field while she's singing "I want so much more than they've got planned!"

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What color are the dresses worn by the trio of blonde bombshells that love Gaston?

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When Cogsworth doesn't want to help Belle's father, Lumiere says:

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What is shaken all over Cogsworth simulating snow during "Be Our Guest"

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While protecting Belle, what does Beast injure when fighting the wolves in the forest?

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What color is Belle's dress when Beast takes her into the library?

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What does the castle dog turn into when cursed by the "Beautiful Enchantress?"

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In Beauty and the Beast, when does the last petal fall from the enchanted rose?

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Who rescues Belle and her father after Gaston locks them in the cellar?

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